Thursday, February 12, 2015

Overwhelmed and underweight

Today was a super rough day for me but once again I found lots of things to be grateful for.

1. Selling our camping trailer. Such a blessing to have the money to save for buying a home. We will miss having it but one day we will get another one.

2. A very patient and loving husband. My hormones were all over the place but my husband doesn't ever get upset with me for my bad attitudes he just patiently loves me.

3. A wonderful midwife. Chris Miller is the best! Today I had a prenatal Appointment and I am struggling to gain weight. I am 29 weeks and only weight 110. I could tell she was concerned but was very supportive in me doing better with gaining weight. Now I just need to work really hard to do that.

4. My sister in law Tressa being willing to answer my many questions.

5. My Bestie McKenna. She was such a huge help by coming with me to my prenatal to help with Eli.

6. The Utah Coop! Such a wonderful place to buy organic foods! We save so much money by shopping there!

7. My organs that works so hard to rid it of all the negative things.

8. Kombucha... I think I listed this yesterday but man that stuff is yummy.

9. My time to study the Scriptures in the morning. 5:30 is early but I love getting up then for that quite time before the day begins.

10. Balloons! They brought such joy to Little Eli yesterday! I am so glad something so simple can make him happy!

On to another day and a a fresh beginning. Try try again! Tootles.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Well I am a few days behind on my gratitude post...sorry. So this list is going to be 30 long to make up for those missed days.

1. 21 Day Sugar Detox: I am starting to feel the freedom of overcoming my sugar addiction! Tomorrow will be a week and I am looking for to the two more weeks to come!

2. My Heavenly Father: I would not be where I am with this detox and overcoming my addiction with out the help and strength from my Heavenly Father.

3. Uplifting books

4. Legs that allow me to still pedal a bike while pulling Eli in the bike trailer. It felt great to exercise!

5. Yoga: I haven't done yoga in a while and every time I come back to it I wonder why the heck I ever stopped.

6. Citrus Kombucha.....Oh man so delicious. I am obsessed. 

7. My eyes

8. My little boy: He turned 2 today. Man times does fly. Make sure that those little kiddos know that you love them every minute.

9. Avocados

10. Water

11. My sewing machine.

12. Light

13. Warm temperatures

14. Time spent playing outside with my boys

15. Faith in my Heavenly Father's plan and timing.

16. Family living close

17. Money: I am so glad that we are blessed with money so that we can have food and shelter and that we can bless other peoples lives too.

18. Jazz Games

19. 8:30 bedtime for a cute little man

20. Paper...I love paper

21. Lower gas prices

22. Chap stick

 23. Lotion

24. Forgiveness 

25. That there are only 5 more to go on this list. Ha ha it is hard to come up with this many. I mean there are lots and lots of things that I am grateful for but I am trying to be intentional in the things that I list.

26. Etsy

27. Disney Movies: They are how I can patiently and sanely put my son down for his naps. We cuddle up and watch a movie for bit until he falls asleep and I can lay him in bed.

28. A finished menu plan. I do not like making a menu but I do like having a menu.

29. The Flash

30. Arms that can hold my son and husband

I am definitely going to try hard not to miss. Listing 10 at a time is so much easier.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tired and Cranky

Today was not so easy with finding things that I was grateful for. I was tired and cranky and just feeling off. All the more reason that I need to make this list. So here it goes....

1. My husband getting up with Eli so I could sleep a tad bit longer.
2. David letting me take a nap. Like I said I was tired today.
3. Baked fries
4. Lemon water
5. A book called Habits that Heal. I am only half way through but I am loving it!
6. The renewing strength of the Sacrament.
7. Salads
8. My hair... It was looking pretty decent today.
9. Vegan Ranch dressing to go with my fries
10. So grateful my husband is doing the 21 day sugar detox with me.

Hope you had a good day and can see all of your blessings!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A pretty much perfect moment

Today is so beautiful outside and warm! Feels like spring is coming! I have the windows open and since my neighbor puts out bird food there are always birds chirping away! Sigh. The moment is almost perfect with my little boy chattering away! It would be completely perfect if I was cuddled up with my sexy beast of a husband but that hunk of a man is working hard to provide for us and I am so grateful to him for that.

So today I am grateful for...
1. Blue skies
2. Warm breezes
3. Birds chirping
4. My little boys voice and silly personality
5. My ability to taste so many yummy foods.
6. Lemons! I absolutely love Lemons. They make me happy! I love them in my water and as an essential oil.
7. My Silhouette Cameo my awesome mother in law sold to me.
8. My sister in law for being willing to watch Eli last minute
9. Date night with my man!
10. Holding hands with that hot man of mine.

Today was pretty great. Knowing I had a goal to have 10 things I am grateful for I  spent the whole day acknowledging those things making this list super easy!

Hope you are taking the time to have gratitude and striving to love your body because it feels great!

Friday, February 6, 2015

My challenge of finding gratitude.

Today is day 1 of the rest of my life.  These are lyrics to a Christian song I have been hearing over and over. Like a message that needs to be pounded into my head. And I think it finally is sinking and settling in.

Today is day 1 of my journey to being a healthy and happy me!
Today is day 1 of overcoming my sugar addiction.
Today is day 1 of building habits of gratitude and positive thinking!

So from now on you lovely people get to hear from me daily! Woot woot lucky you! I am going to post every day 10 things I am grateful for. What would be awesome is if you joined me in this challenge for finding gratitude! So some rules!
#1 you must list 10 things, it can be anything absolutely anything. 
#2 At least one has to be something about your body.  This is so we can work to love and appreciate our bodies because really they are Oh so important! They are a gift from a loving Heavenly Father and we need to honor and treat them as such! So many of us have been taught by society to find all the faults with our bodies. We need to fight this and step one of this fight could be you listing at least one thing a day that you are grateful for about your body.
#3 Try to think of 10 NEW things everyday. Avoid repetition.

Alright let's begin!

1. I am grateful for a warm, comfy bed.
2. I am grateful for a body that is blessed with the ability to produce life!
3. I am grateful for a husband who works hard to provide for us.
4. I am grateful for a boy who needs to be cuddled to sleep every night.
5. I am grateful for chap stick.
6. I am grateful for a father in law with an amazing gift of healing.
7. I am grateful for Swaddling blankets.
8. I am grateful for inspiring and uplifting books.
9. I am grateful for farmers who grow organic foods.
10. I am grateful for the blessing of sleep so that my body can rest and rejuvenate.

Goodnight! Hope to see your lists of gratitude! Pass on the challenge of finding gratitude!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Custom Valentines' Stuffed Animals

Custom Valentine Stuffed Animals! $5

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Below are all the Animal options

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Font Options:

Please feel free to email me with any questions and orders!

Early bird special will end soon! - buy 4 get 1 FREE. Ending soon!

Friday, September 26, 2014


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